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· Growth Busters does not collect any personal data of its users. No email address, no names, nothing.

· Identification of Growth Busters users is handled by Google’s Identity Servers. No user credentials are kept on our servers.

· Growth Busters does not collect any payment information of any kind.

· User payments are handled by Google’s Payment Servers.

· Growth Busters will collect summaries of LinkedIn Profile Visits to be able to deliver the functionality of the extension.

· The profile summaries can by used to deliver future value-added services by Growth Busters.

· Growth Busters will store Growth Busters notes and Growth Busters tags as these are added by the users.

· All data collected for a user will be erased after the user hasn’t accessed Growth Busters for 1 year, or 1 month after requested by the user via our support channel.

· Growth Busters does not collect data from any other website or any other activity.